What Are Your Children Looking At?

Someone asked me at a PTO meeting if I had any idea what my children were looking at on the internet. I told them that I trusted my kids and I did not need a keylogger to follow what they were typing, and to see all of the different sites that they were going to. I was told that a spytech spyagent review was something looking into as it was a great tool to keep tabs on the kids. She said that she thought her pre teens were using the computers just for school work but when she added the program, she found out that they were chatting with adults that were our age and they were lying about their ages. Her kids were saying that they were a lot older than they were and that it was getting them into trouble because people were finding them by tracking their internet address. Some people even admitting that they knew the kids address.

Knowing this information, I immediately made my kids show me their laptops and iPads so I could look at their browser history. They were not looking at any sites that I should be alarmed with, but they did tell me that a lot of their friends were on websites that they knew were inappropriate. I made my kids watch movies about kids that were abducted and true crime stories to scare them into knowing that anything could happen at any time and that they were not immune from crime. Most people who are the victims of crime usually say that they never imagined that they would ever be one of the people who had been a victim. When you are least expecting it, anything can happen. I hope they understand why I am doing what I am when they are older and have their own kids.

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