Watching to Make Sure Our Kids Are Safe is Important to Us

Given how secretive my son and daughter were getting as they grew older, I told my husband that we really needed to take more interest in watching out for them because of it. When kids become more independent, they do become more secretive. But our kids were locking us out of knowing anything. Because we need to watch out for their safety, I went looking for a program that could help us. I found a Mspy review about a great program that would give us some insight on what our kids are up to on the computer and on their phones. It has turned out to be a really good program for us to use.

Both of my kids use a very popular chat site where young people share photos with one another. While the company that offers the program didn’t mean for it to turn out the way it did, many young people have been using it to share nude photographs with one another. As soon as the photographs are shared, the program immediately deletes the photos, but that’s too late. We don’t want our kids doing that, even if the photo is deleted afterward. The Myspy program helps to monitor that on kid’s phones.

Another thing that the program monitors is email. Both of our kids have been really careful to not let us see what they email to their friends. We can’t allow this to happen. Yet, at the same time, we know that if we told our kids that we are monitoring what they are doing, they would suddenly find some other way to contact their friends instead. So, we have been using the program to keep up with what they are up to. So far, we have not seen them say or do anything they shouldn’t do, but we would not know that without the extra help.

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