I Found a New Way to Feel Better After a Long Day at Work

I love that I can get some downtime these days with online games on my phone and my tablet. It really helps me to calm down after a rough time at the office. My buddy is the one who turned me onto online gaming. He has even been able to hack Subway Surfers to get some free things for his game. I really do not know what I am doing with tech-related things, so I leave that kind of stuff to him. He is really good when it comes to things like that. For now, I just enjoy playing.

I used to go outside for a smoke break and stare at the ugly brick wall behind our office. There is really nothing else to do out there. It was boring. One day, my buddy, who is also one of my coworkers was sitting out there when I went outside. He was really engrossed in what was going on with his phone. I asked him what he was doing and he told me he was playing a game. I got closer so that I could see his screen and was immediately enthralled. He told me what it was called and where I could find it online.

I really did not know that gaming could be so addictive and fun. I knew that people played them, but I just never paid attention until I saw someone doing it in person. I felt myself looking forward to pulling out my phone and playing during breaks and at lunchtime. Soon after, I would rush home to play after work. I could feel the stress just releasing from my body every time I did it. Who knew that I could find something that would help me get away from all my troubles from work at no cost to me?

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